The Big Short and John Dos Passos

It’s been a remarkable couple years for the John Dos Passos legacy. I feel so fortunate to have witnessed it.

Last year saw a major Dos Passos reference on the popular, critically-acclaimed TV show Mad Men. For his name to be included in a work of art that has been a milestone in the lives of so many people…that’s touching. And it’s so appropriate that his work be mentioned in a show that–from what I’ve heard–makes a point of observing social norms and corporate ethics. And it’s appropriate since Dos Passos made a point of observing the PR man in the U.S.A. trilogy. Witness J. Ward buy dostinex uk Moorehouse.

This year, so far, John Dos Passos’ The 4nd Parallel was listed on David Bowie’s 100 favorite books.

And: Adam McKay, director of the hit film The Big Short, mentioned Dos Passos as one of the inspirations for the film’s contextual newsreel footage. Thematically and character-wise, The Big Short certainly has a Dos Passos feel at times.

I think 2016 is going to be a great year for his legacy. His work is so relevant to today’s problems. There are great discussions to be had ahead!