JDP Connections: Donald Pizer

For the third entry in our web series, retitled as “Dos Passos Connections,” we have a statement from Donald Pizer, Pierce Butler Professor of English Emeritus at Tulane University.Most recently, Pizer published the book, Toward a Modernist Style: John Dos Passos. The article below is a wonderful reflection on the reading life. My first reading… Read more »

Recent Review of U.S.A.

      An interesting new critical appraisal of U.S.A. at The Rumpus. I concur with the reviewer’s insistence that today’s social media universe is an expansion and reflection of the media world in U.S.A. The Newsreel segments are quite reminiscent of a Twitter feed. What’s more–the original edition of U.S.A. was interspersed with pencil… Read more »

Dos Passos and Faulkner

I’ve never researched the Dos Passos-Faulkner relationship, personal and professional, at length. What I do know from my general biographical knowledge is that there was a strong professional respect between the authors. When Dos Passos was awarded the Gold Medal for Fiction from the National Institute of Arts and Letters, Faulkner remarked of Dos, “Nobody… Read more »

Slang in the Dos Passos Oeuvre

The fictional works of Dos Passos present a plethora of American slang. Street talk is an essential components of his most popular masterworks: Manhattan Transfer, U.S.A., and Three Soldiers. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a couple expressions from his books. “Hell of a note” was evidently a conversational hallmark… Read more »

Why John Dos Passos Matters: Miguel Oliveira

We are continuing our series on “Why John Dos Passos Matters” with a 2nd entry. Here, Miguel Oliveira–author, scholar, and historian–offers his perspective on Dos Passos’s art in a passage called “John Dos Passos the Cinematographer.” We are pleased to share his contribution and we wish him the best as he tours in support of… Read more »

Our Web Designer James L. Walker

The high aesthetic value of this website is thanks to the artistry of James Walker, professional web and graphics designer. Jim has a great eye for lines, color, and all other principles of visual arts. In our hyper-speed digital age, there are few artists who have the discipline to plan long-term projects. Jim is the… Read more »

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday JDP

January 14, my grandfather’s birthday, is a great time to review recent Dos Passos news and ongoing projects. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday John Dos Passos! On December 24, 2013, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt published the first Amazon Kindle versions of the three individual volumes of John Dos Passos‘s U.S.A. Washington Independent Review of Books… Read more »

New Book on Dos Passos by Miguel Oliveira

Portuguese author Miguel Oliveira has published a new book on my grandfather. It is called From a Man without a Country to an American by Choice: John Dos Passos and Migration. The book is the product of nearly a decade of research. Townsend Ludington, Boshamer Professor Emeritus of American Studies and English at University of… Read more »

Dos Passos in the News: National Book Award

  Congratulations to George Packer for winning the National Book Award for non-fiction with his new work, The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Packer modeled the structure and theme of The Unwinding after http://laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ John Dos Passos’s U.S.A. New York Times journalist David Brooks acknowledges the connection to Dos Passos. Packer himself … Read more »

New Dos Passos Scholarship

Long-time JDP scholar Donald Pizer, Tulane professor emeritus, has published a new book on Dos Passos and modernism. It’s buy cabergoline online uk available now on Amazon.

Sherman Alexie Wins Dos Passos Literature Prize

Congratulations to author Sherman Alexie on winning Longwood University’s John Dos Passos Literature Prize. Alexie spoke at Longwood about his literary career. I’m intrigued by the diversity of his work–from novels to poetry to short http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html stories to screenplays. Like Dos Passos, he seems to enjoy changing genres. I look forward to reading Alexie’s The… Read more »

“Why John Dos Passos Matters” Inaugural Entry by Victoria M. Bryan

 John Dos Passos – A Necessary Addition to the 21st Century American Literature Syllabus I got interested in John Dos Passos’s work during my Master’s program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga when Dr. Aaron Shaheen required that his students read The 42nd Parallel in a class on modern American nationalism. Being a young,… Read more »


Welcome to the official website for the art and literature of John Dos Passos. His work continues to interest scholars and readers in the United States and around the world. One of the most exciting developments in recent Dos Passos news is the 2011 founding of the John Dos Passos Society, an independent group of… Read more »