Dos Passos and Hemingway in EMS World

A truly fascinating perspective. I never would have expected a review of The Ambulance Drivers at the EMS World website. It’s lengthy and very interesting. Hemingway and Dos Passos were deeply affected by their experience as ambulance drivers in World War I.

An excerpt:

Much as Hemingway and Dos Passos may have been unaware of their roles as pioneers in the early days of combat medicine, Morris probably doesn’t realize how relevant his book is to the EMS profession today. As the U.S. finds itself at the end of two very buy cabergoline in australia long and violent wars, our combat medics and veterans joining civilian EMS agencies and fire departments every day, it’s not at all unlikely that a few of these vets are in a position similar to Dos Passos’ and Hemingway’s 100 years ago: trying to make sense of what they’ve been through and what it means for the future. If these authors’ tale is any indicator of the road they’ll be traveling, things can change.