Dos Passos in The Washington Post

Coming of age in the Washington DC area, learning how to write and finding my way as a writer, I’ve long loved The Washington Post. It represents Woodward and Bernstein. It represents truth. The First Amendment. The end of the Nixon era.

I’m delighted to see Gary Krist’s review of James McGrath Morris’ Hemingway-Dos Passos book reviewed in The Washington Post:

Posterity, after all, has not been buy dostinex online kind to Dos Passos. While not exactly a footnote in American letters, he is no longer widely read beyond the university classroom, while Hemingway is still, well, Hemingway. But Dos Passos’s best work bristles with verbal energy, and it achieves a philosophical scope that Hemingway rarely matched. Here’s hoping that Morris’s book can help to even up the score of their posthumous literary reputations.