Entertainment Weekly on Dos Passos and Mad Men

Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen adds to the growing talk about a John Dos Passos reference in new Mad Men:

Meanwhile, privileged, fuzzy-headed Don meets a poor, beaten-down waitress, Diana (Elizabeth Reaser), whom he thinks he knows but can’t quite place, who taps his haunt and hunger. Recklessly chasing enlightenment threatens to further degrade them both. Weiner has her reading the U.S.A. trilogy, John Dos Passos’ epic critique of capitalist society. Interesting: The John Dos Passos Prize is given to authors who demonstrate “an exploration of American buy cabergoline cheap themes, an experimental approach to form, and an interest in a wide array of human experiences.” Mad Men has excelled at those values by presenting people lacking in them. Which is to say, cultural awareness, courage to break form, respect for diversity.

Nice to see mention of Longwood University’s John Dos Passos Prize, mention of U.S.A., and connection of Dos Passos’ signature themes with today’s best long-form, high art television.