New Book on Dos Passos by Miguel Oliveira


Portuguese author Miguel Oliveira has published a new book on my grandfather. It is called From a Man without a Country to an American by Choice: John Dos Passos and Migration.

The book is the product of nearly a decade of research.

Townsend Ludington, Boshamer Professor Emeritus of American Studies and English at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of one of the two major biography of Dos Passos, has issued the following review: “Miguel Oliveira has written an impressive work that should be referred to by anyone interested in the not inconsiderable matter of John Dos Passos’ fascination with his Portuguese heritage.”

Lucy Dos Passos Coggin, daughter of John Dos Passos, has stated: “Miguel Oliveira combines an international viewpoint with meticulous research to deliver the most comprehensive portrait yet rendered of John Dos Passos as an individual. We witness the subject’s struggle to become an American–one of generations of immigrants painfully molded into one national body. Thanks to Oliveira, more will understand how his family’s immigration experience informed Dos Passos’s masterworks.”

For more information on his book, please visit Oliveira’s official website. John Dos Passos and Migration is currently available for sale on the Japanese, French, and German versions of Amazon.