Robles, Duelo al Sol

After a Herculean effort by director and producer Sonia Tercero Ramiro, the new documentary Robles, Duelo al Sol is close to its premiere in Spain and America. The documentary details the political and personal damage wrought by the murder of Spanish intellectual José Robles during the Spanish Civil War. Highlighted is the pain afflicting the Robles family and Robles’ great friend, American writer John Dos Passos. Also at issue is the friction between Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway–tension caused by Spanish politics. It was my profound buy dostinex online uk honor to be a part of the production. I learned so much about Spain and about my family heritage.

Sonia will host a press conference on April 14th at the Spanish Film Academy about the documentary. Sometime later this year or next the documentary will premiere on Spanish television. It is also likely that Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD will hold a screening in the fall.

The exciting trailer for Robles, Duelo al Sol is here: TRAILER DUELO AL SOL ENG

-John Dos Passos Coggin