Spring News Bulletin

1) A new documentary, produced in Spain by Sonia Tercero Ramiro’s Time Zone Productions, discusses the Spanish Civil War’s impact on John Dos Passos, Ernest Hemingway, and José Robles. Robles, Duelo al Sol, will premiere in Spain on the 22nd of April in Malaga–as part of the Magala Spanish Film Festival. The film will likely premiere in America in the fall at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The trailer can be viewed here: ?http://www.johndospassos.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/JOHN-TRAILER-DUELO-AL-SOL-ENG.mp4

2) February 3 saw the debut of a new book by an American, Richard Rhodes, on the Spanish Civil War. It’s called Hell and Good Company: The Spanish Civil War and the World it Made. After Amanda Vaill’s buy dostinex cabergoline excellent work, Hotel Florida, it seems there is a resurgence in interest in the conflict.

3) On April 5, AMC will air an episode of Mad Men featuring a prominent reference to John Dos Passos’ The 42nd Parallel. More info here: http://www.johndospassos.com/dos-passos-mad-men/

4) On May 12, Open Road Media is publishing e-books of The Best Times, Orient Express, and Number One.  For those who prefer a physical book, these three titles will be available through Open Road’s POD on July 14th. Soon after, Open Road will publish e-books of The Great Days, Adventures of a Young Man, and The Grand Design. I want all these titles to enjoy a strong electronic debut.