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Dear Readers,

One of the online publications that has helped me publicize the Dos Passos legacy is International Policy Digest.  I’ve written the following articles for IDP: “Dos Passos, Hemingway, and France” and “John Dos Passos Remembered.”

Now, after years of growth, International Policy Digest requires capital investment to deliver better service and continue growing. IDP‘s Editor-in-Chief, John Lyman, has instituted a Kickstarter campaign to that end. And his goal of $4,000 is within buy dostinex in australia sight! Only 11 days remain, however, to meet that goal.

Please click HERE and help Lyman invest in the future of IDP. As a freelance, unpaid writer, I’ve committed many, many hours to IDP. Lyman has committed many more. Please support the hard work we’ve done in the field of journalism, just for love of the art. 


-John Dos Passos Coggin