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On Politics

I was reading today and came across one of the punchiest ever quotes from Dos Passos. It’s found in The Fourteenth Chronicle, his poorly known but pristine collection of letters. “You think the ends justify the means and I think that all you have in politics is means; ends are always illusionary.” – John… Read more »

TAP, Portugal’s leading airline, names plane after John Dos Passos

Great news to share! TAP, Portugal’s “national flag carrier,” established in 1945, designates all aircraft in its fleet after prestigious Portuguese personalities, such as writers, historians, and navigators. It has decided to name a new Airbus buy cabergoline online canada A330 after John Dos Passos, in recognition of his contribution to art and culture.   … Read more »

Madrid Conference Recap

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga–where the John Dos Passos Society was founded–published a brief recap of the successful Madrid conference earlier this summer.

John Dos Passos Society Update

Congratulations to David Murad, the new president of the John Dos Passos Society. I’m confident in his leadership of this special group. To donate to the Society and support its mission, follow the LINK. The Society is a wonderful forum for students of all countries to find fellowship, to learn, and to think.

Dos Passos and Dada

A lovely video from a series of interviews with John Dos Passos in 1969 for French TV. This one is on a motorboat and he is fishing while talking about the Dada movement in French. Talk about multitasking! And the interviews ends when he catches a fish!

Fredrik Tydal on Dos Passos in Swedish Translation

Fredrik Tydal, Vice President of the John Dos Passos Society in the United States, has written a thoughtful piece on the frustrations attendant with translating Dos Passos into Swedish–U.S.A in particular. Without the multimedia, U.S.A. isn’t a multimedia masterpiece. It’s a shame. The inspiration here is in Tydal’s excellent telling of the tale. Enjoy! Congratulations… Read more »

The Big Short and John Dos Passos

It’s been a remarkable couple years for the John Dos Passos legacy. I feel so fortunate to have witnessed it. Last year saw a major Dos Passos reference on the popular, critically-acclaimed TV show Mad Men. For his name to be included in a work of art that has been a milestone in the lives… Read more »

The Death of James Dean

Esquire has republished John Dos Passos’ 1958 article, “The Death of James Dean.” Dos Passos was a keen social observer for his entire life.  

Davie Bowie, Dos Passos

In 2013, musician David Bowie posted his list of 100 favorite books. He included The 42nd Parallel on the list!

John Dos Passos Conference’s Call for Papers Deadline Extended!

BREAKING: the CFP deadline has been extended to January 30! The John Dos Passos Society invites papers for its second biennial conference, June 2-4, 2016, in Madrid, Spain. Any topic relative to Dos Passos is welcome. Please send an abstract of 250-300 words and a brief CV to by January 30th. Make note of… Read more »

A Lifeline Across the Scary Present

See the above still from a screening of Robles, Duelo al Sol in Spain. That’s me, trying to do my grandfather proud. He is so right: the past can be a lifeline buy cabergoline 1mg across the scary present. “a sense of continuity with generations gone before can stretch like a lifeline across the scary… Read more »

Reminder: Upcoming John Dos Passos Society Conference, Madrid

The John Dos Passos Society invites papers for its second biennial conference, June 2-4, 2016, in Madrid, Spain. Any topic relative to Dos Passos is welcome. Please send an abstract of 250-300 words and a brief CV to by January 15th, 2016. Make buy generic dostinex online note of any A/V requests in your… Read more »

Interview with Rosa Bautista

I continue my conversations about the upcoming John Dos Passos Society Conference with an interview with Professor Rosa Bautista. Rosa is a professor, translator, and Dos Passos scholar. She attended the 2014 Dos Passos Society Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Chattanooga, she was the sole conference attendee from Spain. Next year, I trust that the… Read more »

A Conversation with Eddie Eason

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Eddie Eason, one of the officers on the board of the John Dos Passos Society. Among other topics, our interview covered the upcoming 2nd biennial John Dos Passos Society Conference in Madrid, Spain. We also discussed the literature of World War I. That is appropriate to publish… Read more »

Reading Dos Passos – “Prince of Peace”

I would love to see a commercial album of professional dramatic readings of Dos Passos–especially self-contained passages in the USA trilogy like the biographies. I tried my hand at a short bio reading today. After multiple takes, I recorded a solid reading of “Prince of Peace” from The 4nd Parallel.  “Prince of Peace” is the… Read more »