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Fredrik Tydal on Dos Passos in Swedish Translation

Fredrik Tydal, Vice President of the John Dos Passos Society in the United States, has written a thoughtful piece on the frustrations attendant with translating Dos Passos into Swedish–U.S.A in particular. Without the multimedia, U.S.A. isn’t a multimedia masterpiece. It’s a shame. The inspiration here is in Tydal’s excellent telling of the tale. Enjoy! Congratulations… Read more »

Interview with Rosa Bautista

I continue my conversations about the upcoming John Dos Passos Society Conference with an interview with Professor Rosa Bautista. Rosa is a professor, translator, and Dos Passos scholar. She attended the 2014 Dos Passos Society Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Chattanooga, she was the sole conference attendee from Spain. Next year, I trust that the… Read more »