Welcome to the official website for the art and literature of John Dos Passos. His work continues to interest scholars and readers in the United States and around the world.

One of the most exciting developments in recent Dos Passos news is the 2011 founding of the John Dos Passos Society, an independent group of American scholars who care about his legacy and wish to foster thoughtful dialogue about his work. The Society will next convene at the 25th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association in Washington, DC.

John Dos Passos Society co-founder Victoria Bryan, a PhD candidate at University of Mississippi, has agreed to write the first in a series of “Why John Dos Passos Matters” commentaries on this blog. The next blog entry is hers.

For information on the John Dos Passos Society, please visit the website: http://jdpsociety.blogspot.com/