Our Web Designer James L. Walker


The high aesthetic value of this website is thanks to the artistry of James Walker, professional web and graphics designer. Jim has a great eye for lines, color, and all other principles of visual arts. In our hyper-speed digital age, there are few artists who have the discipline to plan long-term projects. Jim is the exception. We, the management here at JDP, highly recommend his work.

Recently, Jim has co-founded a design studio called Husbandmen. I’m confident buy real cabergoline that it will enjoy great success in coming months and years.

In Jim’s words:

“Husbandmen is a creative collaboration between Frances Foster, Karolis Kosas, and James Walker. We hope to help our community understand the importance of design through well-crafted words, pictures, spaces, and stories. Collectively, we have received many awards; been published in books, magazines, and blogs; given speeches; and exhibited work all over.
We are available for artistic and commercial commissions.”
Find Husbandmen at http://www.husbandmen.com